jobs in canada for engineers

Engineering jobs in Canada - post and search jobs and resumes for Canadian civil, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, and mechanical engineers.
Engineering jobs in Canada.
JOB TITLE: Field Services Coordinator, Project Coordinator & Estimator
For more information and to Apply Online, please visit:

JOB TITLE: Intermediate Electrical Engineer / Designer
we are on the hunt for an Intermediate Electrical Engineer / Designer with at least 4 years of experience whose area of expertise is in designing and implementing efficient building systems to join their team. They have a track record of retaining their staff and due to growth, are looking for additional staff.
jobs in canada for engineers

JOB TITLE: Senior Mechanical Engineer

JOB TITLE: Mechanical Engineer - Buildings

JOB TITLE: Design Engineers

Magna IV Engineering is a privately owned company, which was incorporated in 1982 to provide electrical engineering consulting, equipment testing and commissioning services to the utility, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Magna IV is now the Canadian leader in the delivery of testing and technical field services to the electrical power system sector and is one of the largest testing and commissioning firms in Canada. Magna IV Engineering is a successful testing and commissioning firm with over 100 employees comprised of technicians, engineers and office support staff.
This is the ideal role for Engineers and Designers seeking:

* Work on major projects
* Training and development
* Career advancement with an industry leader
* Career development and internal advancement
* Exposure to a vast range of activities and a high degree of autonomy.
For more information and to Apply Online, please visit:
JOB TITLE: Intermediate/Senior Mechanical Field Engineers
Position is based in the Vancouver office with occasional field work within Western Canada, The ideal candidate will be able to fully participate in an integrated, multi-disciplinary design and construction management team that delivers cost effective, practical engineering design and construction solutions to our clients.
If you’re interested in this position, please apply via our website:

Will follow up the issue constantly and adding more and many of the jobs in Canada for engineers continuously.
jobs in canada for engineers

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